Nutra Wellness (Genesis Biotec Inc)

Nutra Wellness (Genesis Biotec Inc) is a Pharma Company manufacturing medicines situated at Chandigarh 160101(U.T.) India. The address, location, phone number, list of medicines of Nutra Wellness (Genesis Biotec Inc) are as below:

About Nutra Wellness (Genesis Biotec Inc)

Chandigarh 160101(U.T.)
S.C.F.1010, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101(U.T.)
E-Mail Id
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List of Medicines from Nutra Wellness (Genesis Biotec Inc)

Aulanic 500 125 Tablet
Cifiwell 100 Mg Tablet
Cifiwell 200 Mg Tablet
Clowell S 50 10 Tablet
Cosa G 50 750 Tablet
Drotwell 40 Mg Injection
Drotwell M 80 250 Tablet
Eftanu 1000 Mg Injection
Eftanu 250 Mg Injection
Eftanu S 1000 500 Injection
Eftanu S 250 125 Injection
Endcort 6 Mg Tablet
Fresco 100 22 5 1 5 Tablet
Geeva 10 Mg Tablet
Levowell 500 Mg Tablet
Nuco D 5 200 Tablet
Nudop 200 Mg Tablet
Nudop 50 Mg Tablet
Numeth P 500 Mcg 75 Mg Tablet
Nura Dsr 20 30 Tablet
Nura It 20 150 Tablet
Nutiva Capsule
Oflanu O 200 500 Tablet
Rekast L 5 10 Tablet

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