Altex (100 ml) Syrup Side Effects and usage

Altex (100 ml) - Levosalbutamol (Levalbuterol)- Syrup is manufactured by Allenge India and the main constituent generic drug is Levosalbutamol (Levalbuterol)- 1 mg.

Altex (100 ml) Syrup Medicine Details

Side Effects

Similar to salbutamol but much less toxic than salbutamol with fewer cardiac side effects.


Bronchodialator in asthma and COPD and used as inhaler.

Contra Indications





The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.2.6 in India as of date.


Altex (100 ml) Syrup mainly contains the generic formulation called as Levosalbutamol (Levalbuterol)- 1 mg.

Medicine Name: Altex (100 ml) Syrup
Manufacturer: Allenge India
Generic Molecule: Levosalbutamol (Levalbuterol)

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