Cetrimide (Skin) (5 Litre) Lotion Side Effects and usage

Cetrimide (Skin) (5 Litre) - Cetrimide- Lotion is manufactured by Agrawal Pharmaceuticals and the main constituent generic drug is Cetrimide- 1% w/v.

Cetrimide (Skin) (5 Litre) Lotion Medicine Details

Side Effects

Skin irritation and occasionally sensitization.


Skin disinfection.

Contra Indications



Avoid contact with eyes; avoid use in body cavities.


The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.300 in India as of date.


Cetrimide (Skin) (5 Litre) Lotion mainly contains the generic formulation called as Cetrimide- 1% w/v.

Medicine Name: Cetrimide (Skin) (5 Litre) Lotion
Manufacturer: Agrawal Pharmaceuticals
Generic Molecule: Cetrimide

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