Cital (100 ml) Syrup Side Effects and usage

Cital (100 ml) - Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate- Syrup is manufactured by Indoco Remedies Ltd and the main constituent generic drug is Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate- 1.37 gm.

Side Effects

Stomach cramps and flatulence.
Overdosage or too rapid administration can cause metabolic alkalosis (especially in renal impairment).


Alkalinisation of urine, relives discomfort in urinary tract infection, reduces chances of uric acid stones in the initial stages of uricosuric therapy.

Contra Indications

Hypertension, oedema and hyperosmolar states.


Hypoventilatory states, hypocalcaemia, alkalosis, renal disease, neonates.


The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.1.99 in India as of date.


Cital (100 ml) Syrup mainly contains the generic formulation called as Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate- 1.37 gm.

Cital (100 ml) Syrup Medicine Details

Medicine Name: Cital (100 ml) Syrup
Manufacturer: Indoco Remedies Ltd
Generic Molecule: Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate

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