Danogen (50 mg) Capsule Side Effects and usage

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Danogen (50 mg) - Danazol- Capsule is manufactured by Cipla Limited and the main constituent generic drug is Danazol- 50 mg.

Danogen (50 mg) Capsule Medicine Side effects and usage

Side Effects

Complete amenorrhoea, occasional spotting.
Flushes, night sweats, acne, hirsutism, weight gain, GI upsets.
Loss of libido and muscle cramps.


Fibrocystic breast disease, Hereditary angioedema.
Precocious puberty in boys.
Infertility due to endometriosis.

Contra Indications

Pregnancy, abnormal genital bleeding of unknown etiology, lactation.
Renal or cardiac oedema.
Thromboembolic disorders.


Severe hypertension.
History of jaundice due to oral contraceptives, epilepsy, migraine, cardiac hepatic or renal dysfunction.
Weight gain.
Monitor liver function tests.


The cost of the drug per 1 Capsule is Rs.9.4 in India as of date.


Danogen (50 mg) Capsule mainly contains the generic formulation called as Danazol- 50 mg.

Danogen (50 mg) Capsule Medicine Generics

Medicine Name: Danogen (50 mg) Capsule
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Generic Molecule: Danazol

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