Dytor (5 mg) Tablet Side Effects and usage

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Dytor (5 mg) - Torasemide- Tablet is manufactured by Cipla Limited and the main constituent generic drug is Torasemide- 5 mg.

Dytor (5 mg) Tablet Medicine Side effects and usage

Side Effects

Electrolyte disturbances e.
hypokalaemia, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, hypotension, weakness loss of appetite, cramps,increased serum uric acid, metabolic alkalosis, tinitus and hearing loss.


Oedema, hypertension.

Contra Indications

Renal failure with anuria, hepatic coma and pre-coma, hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias.
Pregnancy and lactation.


Electrolyte imbalance, diabetes mellitus and hyperuricaemia.


The cost of the drug per 1 Tablet is Rs.1.87 in India as of date.


Dytor (5 mg) Tablet mainly contains the generic formulation called as Torasemide- 5 mg.

Dytor (5 mg) Tablet Medicine Generics

Medicine Name: Dytor (5 mg) Tablet
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Generic Molecule: Torasemide

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