Flutibact (Skin) (10 gm) Ointment Side Effects and usage

Flutibact (Skin) (10 gm) - Mupirocin- Ointment is manufactured by Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and the main constituent generic drug is Mupirocin- 2% w/w.

Side Effects

Itching, burning, erythema, stinging and dryness, localised to the area of application.


Secondary skin infections.
Erdaication of nasal colonisation with staphylococci aureus.

Contra Indications

Hypersensitivity, not suitable for ophthalamic or intranasal use.
Pregnancy and lactation.


Renal impairment, extensive burns or open wounds.


The cost of the drug per 10 gm is Rs.108.6 in India as of date.


Flutibact (Skin) (10 gm) Ointment mainly contains the generic formulation called as Mupirocin- 2% w/w.

Flutibact (Skin) (10 gm) Ointment Medicine Details

Medicine Name: Flutibact (Skin) (10 gm) Ointment
Manufacturer: Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Generic Molecule: Mupirocin

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