Furamex (60 ml) Suspension Side Effects and usage

Furamex (60 ml) - Furazolidone- Suspension is manufactured by Lloyds Pharmaceuticals and the main constituent generic drug is Furazolidone- 35 mg.

Side Effects

Hypersensitivity, hypoglycaemia, orthostatic, hypotension, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, malaise, nausea, vomiting, rash, fever, arthralgia, brown urine, haemolytic anaemia.


Bacterial enteritis.
Food poisoning.
Diarrhoeas, Bacillary dysentery, Giardiasis.

Contra Indications

Intolerance to alcohol.
HypersensitivityBelow the age of one month.


G6PD deficiency.


The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.1.05 in India as of date.


Furamex (60 ml) Suspension mainly contains the generic formulation called as Furazolidone- 35 mg.

Furamex (60 ml) Suspension Medicine Details

Medicine Name: Furamex (60 ml) Suspension
Manufacturer: Lloyds Pharmaceuticals
Generic Molecule: Furazolidone

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