Homide (Eye) (5 ml) Drop Side Effects and usage

Homide (Eye) (5 ml) - Homatropine Hbr- Drop is manufactured by Warren (Indoco Remedies Ltd) and the main constituent generic drug is Homatropine Hbr- 2% w/v.

Side Effects

It often produces unsatisfactory cycloplegia in children who have high ciliary muscle tone.


Used in eye as mydriatic drug.
On installation in eye it acts in 45-60 minutes, mydriasis lasts 1-3 days while accommodation recovers in 1-2 days.

Contra Indications

Darkly pigmented lris is more resistant to pupillary dilatation and caution should be exercised to avoid over dosage.
Mydriasis can precipitate acute angle-closure glaucoma in a few patients


Examination of fundus of eye in persons aged over 60 years or hypermetropic.


The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.39.2 in India as of date.


Homide (Eye) (5 ml) Drop mainly contains the generic formulation called as Homatropine Hbr- 2% w/v.

Homide (Eye) (5 ml) Drop Medicine Details

Medicine Name: Homide (Eye) (5 ml) Drop
Manufacturer: Warren (Indoco Remedies Ltd)
Generic Molecule: Homatropine Hbr

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