L Beplex Capsule Side Effects and usage

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L Beplex - Vit C- Capsule is manufactured by Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd and the main constituent generic drug is Vit C- 150 mg.

L Beplex Capsule Medicine Side effects and usage

Side Effects

Rebound scurvy on stoppage.
Increase risk of urinary oxalate stones


Treatment of scurvy.
Adjuvent therapy in common cold, asthma, cancer, atherosclerosis.
Metabolic disorders (tyrosinaemia type III, transient tyrosinaemia of the newborn, glutathione synthase deficiency, Hawkinsinuria).

Contra Indications



G6PD deficiency.
Haemochromatosis, hyperoxaluria.


The cost of the drug per 1 Capsule is Rs.1.16 in India as of date.


L Beplex Capsule mainly contains the generic formulation called as Vit C- 150 mg.

L Beplex Capsule Medicine Generics

Medicine Name: L Beplex Capsule
Manufacturer: Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd
Generic Molecule: Vit C

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