Lanzap (15 mg) Capsule Side Effects and usage

Lanzap (15 mg) - Lansoprazole- Capsule is manufactured by Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd and the main constituent generic drug is Lansoprazole- 15 mg.

Side Effects

Gastrointestinal, diarrhoea, skin disorders, respiratory tract symptoms, headache dizziness, glossitis, stomatitis.


Duodenal ulcer, Gastric ulcer, Reflux oesophagitis.
Zollinger Ellison syndrome.

Contra Indications

Pregnancy, lactation and peadiatric age group.


When gastric ulcer is suspected, the possibility of malignancy should be excluded.
Hepatic impairment.


The cost of the drug per 1 Capsule is Rs.3.5 in India as of date.


Lanzap (15 mg) Capsule mainly contains the generic formulation called as Lansoprazole- 15 mg.

Lanzap (15 mg) Capsule Medicine Details

Medicine Name: Lanzap (15 mg) Capsule
Manufacturer: Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd
Generic Molecule: Lansoprazole

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