Peritol (200 ml) Syrup Side Effects and usage

Peritol (200 ml) - Cyproheptadine- Syrup is manufactured by Themis Pharmaceuticals Limited and the main constituent generic drug is Cyproheptadine- 2 mg.

Peritol (200 ml) Syrup Medicine Details

Side Effects

Drowsiness, dry mouth, confusion, ataxia, weight gain.


Loss of appetite, allergy and pruritis, in migraine and vascular headache.

Contra Indications

Prostatic hypertrophy.




The cost of the drug per 5 ml is Rs.1.63 in India as of date.


Peritol (200 ml) Syrup mainly contains the generic formulation called as Cyproheptadine- 2 mg.

Medicine Name: Peritol (200 ml) Syrup
Manufacturer: Themis Pharmaceuticals Limited
Generic Molecule: Cyproheptadine

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