Tyza (Skin) (10 gm) Cream Side Effects and usage

Tyza (Skin) (10 gm) - Terbinafine- Cream is manufactured by Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd (AHPL) and the main constituent generic drug is Terbinafine- 1% w/w.

Tyza (Skin) (10 gm) Cream Medicine Details

Side Effects

Anorexia, nausea, abdominal pain, skin reactions, taste disturbances, hepatobiliary dysfunctions, haematological disorders.


Dermatophytes and candida.
Tinea pedis/corporis/cruris/capitis and pityriasis versicolor.

Contra Indications

Pregnancy, lactation and elderly.


Renal or hepatic impairment.
, Avoid contact with the eyes.


The cost of the drug per 10 gm is Rs.57.06 in India as of date.


Tyza (Skin) (10 gm) Cream mainly contains the generic formulation called as Terbinafine- 1% w/w.

Medicine Name: Tyza (Skin) (10 gm) Cream
Manufacturer: Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd (AHPL)
Generic Molecule: Terbinafine

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